WIB Wednesday on Blab

If you haven’t yet delved into the exciting world of live streaming in the form of Blab then you are missing out on something AMAZING. This new platform, (currently still in BETA stage) is one of the most ‘social’ platforms for ‘social media’ currently available.

In brief, Blab is a live streaming platform where up to four people can join in the conversation at the same time. It’s a combination of Periscope, Google Hangouts and Meerkat! Viewers who aren’t taking part in the live conversation can leave comments or ask questions in the chat box.

WIB WednesdayConsidering Blab was only launched in April 2015 it is attracting a very diverse crowd, which makes for entertaining watching.

Every Wednesday at 9pm GMT join me LIVE for #WIBWEDNESDAY (Women in Business) where we open up discussions to the room and so far, they have been very informative, a little entertaining and ever so slightly addictive!

To join just got to www.blab.im/hilaryjsteel – hit the subscribe button and join in the conversation….

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