KWIB Dine With Us

There is something almost ‘naughty’ like about planning an evening for women only. It has been brought to my attention, by MEN that they should organise their own ‘MEN ONLY’ events! My response to this is, ‘go ahead, and make sure it’s fun’. My businesses have been built on the power of constructive networking and some of the relationships I have made continue to grow as further opportunities arise. After the hugely successful Kent Women in Business Awards that I was fortunate enough to host back in March we have been asked whether we would host more intimate events for professional females in Kent. Maybe it has something to do with the atmosphere we help create or maybe it is to do with the knowledge that you will be mixing with like-minded people where you may be able to help each other grow or develop your professional lives further.

Networking isn’t a chore, it’s an environment in which you can explore new opportunities, learn new skills and share your knowledge with people who may not be as far down the path as you are. That is why we decided to host a ‘KWIB Dine With Us’ event, to bring together females from all over the county, from diverse sectors and professions. It will take place on 8th July at Nelson’s Restaurant in Maidstone. The venue are creating a tantalising menu for us to devour and the KWIB team have a few surprises up our sleeves while you are introduced to some of the most interesting professional women in Kent.

Our speaker is local award winning author Lisa Cutts – a bit of crime and drama to set the tone…………. Her second book ‘Remember Remember’ which follows on from the hugely popular ‘Never Forget’ comes out in August! The TV rights to ‘Never Forget’ have been snapped up…watch this space!

If you would like to be part of this vibrant evening then you can a) book through Eventbrite HERE of if you would prefer to pay on invoice drop Sue an email and she will sort it out for you. We look forward to meeting you from 18.30 on 8th July!

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