Presenting with Purpose Workshops

Professional presenting isn’t just about standing up on a stage in front of a room full of people, it’s about getting your message across in a competent way and in a way that your audience is likely to respond to you. Sounds simple?

Presenting is a skill, like most others that can be learnt, enhanced and developed. So what’s the BEST way to do this? By getting out there and practicing!

Whether you are required to;

  • Present at a networking event
  • Deliver a peer to peer presentation
  • Pitch to a client
  • Host or facilitate meetings
  • Speak to a larger audience at a conference
  • After dinner speaking

The fundamentals are the same! You can only learn so much from reading books and watching videos…The FASTEST way to become competent is to practice, start doing it and don’t worry if it doesn’t always go to plan!

Join me for a day FULL of practical experience in an environment that will encourage you to push your boundaries, get rid of those little niggles you have! Click on the dates below to register your interest, you will then be contacted by to confirm.

DATES: The Great Danes Hotel, Nr Maidstone Р09:00-17:00 Р£125 +VAT

Friday 29th April

Friday 1st July

Friday 23rd September 

Friday 25th November

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