World of Potatoes

RoastiesBack in 1989 my Mum published a cookery book, ‘The great Potato Cookbook’ while she was working for an Independent Publishing House in Kent, Search Press. I remember being so proud of her for putting it all together while having a demanding full time job and not to mention, demanding children. The book has been re-printed numerous times and in numerous different languages.

In 2011 my Mum suffered a massive stroke which left her paralysed down her right side. For the past four years she has shown an amazing sense of spirit and although she had to learn to speak again, she lost NONE of her amazing mind and she continues to influence me to this day!

During a business meeting about the Food & Drink section of the Kent Women in Business Magazine, it was mentioned about rewriting the book. Although this appealed to me at the time, I didn’t think it could be possible with all the work and business commitments I currently have. Then one day, only two weeks ago, I decided that it WAS something I could do as a LEGACY to my darling Mum. Most evenings I cook fresh food for my parents and I decided to use this time to recreate, modernise some of the recipes in her book as well as play around and create my own. The result top date is¬†which has become a hobby project for me.

The publishing house has also given me the rights to Mum’s book as well as the original transparencies, which I intend to use in an artistic way!

I absolutely LOVE cooking and have been hosting dinner parties since a young age. It is wonderful for me now to be combining a hobby, with my day to day life and to be creating something special for my Mum. The world of business can drag you in to the point where you are either working, or sleeping. I didn’t want to lead my life in this way so having a hobby that I really enjoy has definitely put a little spring in my step!

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