When a Hobby Becomes Something More

It’s funny what life can throw at you. Mine has been thrown an opportunity to turn a hobby in to something much more productive while still making it enjoyable.

In 1989 my Mum, Jennifer, wrote ‘The Great Potato Cookbook’ which was reprinted ┬ábunch of times in different languages. I was 17 when it was published by Search Press based in Tunbridge Wells. I remember being so proud of her as she did it all while working a full time job and raising her family.

In 2011, she suffered a stroke which left the right side of her body paralysed. Even today, she continues to inspire me as one of the most influential people in my career. Which is why I decided to do something with her book. It started out as a little hobby project but I have just been filmed for ITV Meridian….here’s part of the story….

What’s coming up is the opportunity to do some more filming, once the cast has been taken off my arm…it’s going to be fun

Author: Hilary Steel

Life changed, so did I. Now I cook about a zillion meals a week for my family and try to dabble in the world of stand-up comedy

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