Gadget Cooking

Santa was very generous to me last year…I’m not sure it’s because I was particularly ‘good though’. I had a list of kitchen gadgets that I was building up to getting so asked for vouchers to help me get them all. You may have read recently about the influx of electric pressure cookers to the market…and that there was a shortage over the Christmas period. Well Santa was really lovely to me and I received a ‘Pressure King Pro’. Apparently this is advertised on a TV shopping channel and had I seen it on there I would have bought it sooner…. He also brought me a Halogen oven and Acti-Fryer…

To some this may seem a little excessive, and the chances are that these gadgets will soon be relegated to the kitchen cupboards never to be seen again…This couldn’t be further from the truth. I am fascinated by what I can only describe as ‘combination cooking’. By simply planning ahead I have managed not only to improve the nutritional value of my family meals but also the time spent in the kitchen and the levels of waste. It’s become a bit of a game for that I intend to get better at.

What methods am I using?

  • Electric Pressure Cooking
  • Air Frying
  • Sous Vide
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